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Will You Be My Queso?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Dear Reader,

Although it is only 11:30am I would rather be drinking a glass of wine and eating a Jimmy John's number 13 than writing to you. But you are my calorie free outlet - I'm going to get healthy and smaller - even if it means writing you instead of doing the counterproductive things I'd rather be doing.

I'm in day 3 of my Optavia "Health Journey" and as I haven't cracked a bottle of wine or opened a bag of chips I'm feeling successful. We're in the middle? late beginning? early end? of a worldwide pandemic and though I'm mostly in extremely low productivity mode I thought it would be good to get healthy so I could see what the world looks like post-apocalypse.

Six pounds are gone since I started this nonsense on Monday and before you get all excited I need to tell you that I ate like a person who likes queso A LOT and wasn't going to be eating it again for a LONG TIME on Sunday. Also I had around 6 beer type beverages that day. I mean, I started at 11:30 so I could get it all in. See? 11:30am is the witching hour.

How do you stay the course when working to get healthy? The apocalypse definitely helps - we aren't going to restaurants and we aren't having people over. But I've tried and failed this program several times in the last 6 years - what will be different this time? I've been seeing a therapist, I've gone through an empowerment coaching program, and I truly believe in myself. Also - I'm envisioning myself in Ireland next year wearing a super cute outfit and being able to hike all over the place and see everything. Will all this be enough?

As Glennon Doyle says, just do the next right thing. So I'm literally taking this hour by hour over these first days - hand on the railing, looking ahead to my destination.

Stay tuned. If I write to you every time I want a glass of wine you're going to be hearing from me OFTEN.


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